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Free A Girl

The billboard you can’t ignore

Free A Girl Foundation

We wanted our message to be relevant, but most of all personal. By making it personal we create an emotional connection with someone who would otherwise ignore it. We created a digital out-of-home that used face-swap technology to replace the face of a young girl in an Indian brothel with the face of girls passing by. The girls we targeted were between 10-16 and were accompanied by their mother, father or grandparents. When they approached the billboard, we caught their attention with a glitch sound. At that moment, we exchanged the face of the girl in the billboard with the girl who walked past. We confronted the guardians and their girls with the campaign message: If it was someone you loved, would you ignore it?

It spread across 48 countries in a variety of media with an online readership of nearly 70 million people. Unpaid shares on Instagram and Facebook created additional reach of 3,5 million direct viewers. Bringing a ‘faraway’ problem close to home.

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