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Bizarrely Refreshing


DubbelFrisss is a common soda brand in the Netherlands. This fruit drink brand, traditionally targeted to kids and bought by parents, wanted to create a campaign to reach teens who would buy the drink for themselves. We created a new brand campaign “Bizár Verfrissend” (Bizarrely Refreshing) that built a bizarre world of surreal combinations drawing on the fact that every DubbelFrisss product is a combination of two fruit flavours.

We faced a unique challenge with campaign as the production was set for the first weeks of the COVID-19 lockdown. We quickly reworked the entire campaign turning a live action production into a series of animations.

We made this bizarrely refreshing campaign for the introduction of DubbelFrisss Ice Tea, 1Kcal and for the new BubbelFrisss cans.

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